My Keto Cutting Cycle: Week 2

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Initial Numbers:           Before Carb-Up:           After Carb-Up:


Weight:182.6                                     Weight: 178.6                              Weight: 183

Body Fat: 17.4%                                 Body Fat: 15.2                                    Body Fat: 15.4%


I had something come up, so I haven’t been able to blog for a bit, but I took plenty of notes, so time to jump back in. I was definitely more into the groove of the diet this week. I started getting my eating into a daily routine, which makes it a lot easier for me since I don’t have to think about every meal I’m going to eat. I can tell Chipotle will definitely be my friend thoughout this cutting cycle. I can tell now when my body drops into ketosis after my carb-up days. When this happens, I am noticing some of the mental fogginess and tiredness that often happens when the body is trying to get used to using ketones. Nevertheless, I’ve still been able to push myself in the gym and get in good workouts. Cardio, however, is always a struggle on low-carb, so I’m just doing 20-30 minutes a few times a week. It seems like I’m going to put on about 5 pounds of water weight each weekend, but I was pretty pleased that my body fat remained so low after the carb-up this week.

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