My Keto Cutting Cycle: Weeks 10 and 11

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Initial Numbers:           Before Carb-Up:           After Carb-Up:


Weight:173.6                                    Weight: 170.6                              Weight: 173.6

Body Fat: 13.5%                                 Body Fat: 12.7%                                    Body Fat: 13.5%

I feel like my progress is definitely slowing down a little bit and I don’t like being on a cutting cycle for more than three months, so I think I will start bulking again shortly. I’m not as lean as I’d like to be (below 10% bodyfat), but this is definitely the most cut I’ve been yet. I think the bodyfat reading from the scale may be a little high, but it is probably fairly close. I can see the outlines of my abs now, but still don’t have a low enough bodyfat to have a defined six-pack. During my next bulk, I’m going to focus on increasing the size of my ab muscles, which I think will help. Other than that, I’m definitely starting to notice a drop-off in my strength at this weight, so I will probably stop in one to two more weeks.

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