My Keto Cutting Cycle: Weeks 5-7

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Initial Numbers:           Before Carb-Up:           After Carb-Up:


Weight:180.4                                     Weight: 175.5                              Weight: ????

Body Fat: 14.9%                                 Body Fat: 14.2                                    Body Fat: ????


It has been a really good two weeks as my body fat is almost down to 14%. I can definitely notice changes in my physique as I’m starting to look quite a bit leaner. Appearance-wise, the day after a carb-up seems to be the best as muscles tend to appear noticeable bigger from the water weight.  However, I’m travelling to Las Vegas for a week, so I’m not doing a carb-up at home. I’m just going to take the whole week off, try not to do too much damage while I’m there, and jump back in when I get back.

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