My Keto Cutting Cycle: Weeks 8 and 9

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Post-Vegas:           Before Carb-Up:           After Carb-Up:


Weight:177.6                           Weight: 170.6                             Weight: 173.6

Body Fat: 15.4%                       Body Fat: 13.0%                                 Body Fat: 13.5%


I had an awesome week in Vegas, but didn’t even worry about anything diet related. Naturally, this means lots of unhealthy food and tons of alcohol. Fortunately, since the change was to far richer food, I wasn’t able to eat that much of it. Additionally, I pretty much walked everywhere I went instead of taking cabs. For these reasons, I managed to only put on about two pounds and a percentage point of body fat, which I’d say is a resounding success for a week in Vegas.

I jumped right back into ketosis the day after getting back and actually had a nine day low-carb stretch so I could keep the carb-up on the weekends. This amount of time was pretty brutal, but as you can see by the numbers, I managed to drop a ton of body fat over these two weeks. I was hoping to get my body fat down to around 12% on this cutting cycle, but I really don’t want my weight to fall too far below 170 pounds, so I’m going to see where I am in couple more weeks and see if I want to start bulking again.

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