My Ketosis Cutting Cycle: The Week Before


I just spent the past 6 months bulking, and even though I tried to do it as cleanly as possible and my muscle mass and strength were growing consistently, I finally reached that point where I looked in the mirror and thought ‘Ugh, I’m starting to look fat!’ So begins the much less fun dieting phase.

I plan on writing about my experiences during this ketosis cutting cycle to give you an idea of what to expect. I will be documenting my weight and body fat during the diet. Unfortunately, for body fat, I will just be using a scale with a biometrical impedance analysis. These scales can be notoriously inaccurate, particularly for lower body fat percentages, which they tend to overestimate. To try to combat this, I will be weighing myself at the same time first thing in the morning. I expect that once I start to reach lower bodyfat levels, the scale reading will be too high, so I’ll probably have to gauge progress visually.

  • Initial Weight: 195
  • Initial Body Fat: 17.5%

I just finished reading Tim Ferriss’s book, The Four Hour Body and I figured I’d give his diet a try since it was one I’d never used before. Even though his book has some very interesting information and the diet did seem effective at first, I found that I just couldn’t handle it. It requires eating a significant amount of beans, which tended to upset my stomach. Additionally the repetitive and restrictive food list left me feeling constantly hungry. Throughout the week, I felt mentally dreary, had persistent headaches, and felt extremely fatigued. As a note, some of these symptoms certainly occurred due to the sudden reduction in calories and carbs and will also occur the first week of the keto diet if you just jump into it. This is known as “keto sickness” and is just a result of your body reacting to the sudden diet change and carb reduction. For this reason, if you have been on a high-calorie high-carb diet, I recommend using two transition weeks where you slowly reduce carbs and food intake until you reach the amounts you determined in How to Set Up a Keto Diet Plan.