My Keto Cutting Cycle: Week 1


Initial Numbers:           Before Carb-Up:           After Carb-Up:


Weight:185                                            Weight: 180.6                              Weight: 182.6

Body Fat: 17%                                        Body Fat: 15.5                                    Body Fat: 17.4%


After my less than pleasant last week, I took a couple days off before jumping into the cyclical ketogenic diet that I know to be significantly easier to follow. The Four Hour Body diet did prove to be effective in that I lost both weight and body fat, but I felt quite a bit weaker in the gym after the week and would not have been able to sustain hard training.


Don’t let the big drop in weight surprise you. Although I certainly loss some true weight, a large portion of this is simply water weight. A reduction in carbs always makes your body retain less water, so you should experience a similar unexpectedly large drop in the first week. Although this can be fantastic for motivation, it is important to know that it is not true weight loss and anyone using a cyclical diet will experience a similar weight increase after a carb-up. These large fluctuations in water weight have been the bane of many dieters (particularly women, who have even larger fluctuation throughout the month). Try not to let day to day changes in either direction effect you; just stick to the overall plan and you will succeed. This water weight variation is another reason keeping track of bodyfat is so crucial for measuring success.